Indoor Coil FAQs

Indoor Coil FAQsWhat it an indoor coil and what does it do? Your indoor coil or evaporator coil, as it is commonly called, is part of the closed refrigerant system of your indoor and outdoor units that continuously cycles refrigerant through the units while they are running. As the refrigerant is cycled through your two units, cold refrigerant enters your evaporator coil and as your blower wheel moves your warm indoor air from your return air vent over the coil, heat is absorbed by the cold refrigerant by way of the metal fins on the coil of your indoor unit. The refrigerant turns into a gas as it absorbs heat and is cycled to the outdoor condenser unit where the heat is expelled and the gaseous refrigerant turns back into a liquid. As the heat is absorbed by your evaporator coil, the air that is now cold is pushed through your duct work and supplied into your home.

How does my coil get dirty and what happens when it does? Your evaporator coil will develop condensate through the natural dehumidification process and removal of heat from the air and will drain into the condensate pan to the condensate drain. As air passes over that moist coil, dirt and debris in the air will become stuck to the coil and build up. The metal fins on your indoor coil will begin to work less effectively at removing heat from the air due to the dust and debris building up and will cause your system to have to work harder and use more energy to operate. This can also cause ice to develop on your coil if the heat absorption is restricted enough and that ice may also damage your metal fins. Your condensate drain line can also become blocked due to the excess water on your evaporator coil containing debris creating a blockage in your condensate drain line.

How can I prevent/fix these issues? Our trained technicians can perform an Indoor Coil Service in which they will disassemble, saturate and clean the coil with coil cleaner/degreaser, clean the fins, clean the condensate pan and drain lines, and test the coil for leaks with a leak detector to ensure your indoor evaporator coil is functioning as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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