Broken Toilet Tank Lid

A broken toilet tank lid can be a hassle to replace. It all depends on knowing the brand, model and how old your toilet is. Look in, under and around the toilet and tank to find any numbers and words for information. If you have an old vintage toilet that you are not willing to part with, you can go on the internet and view dozens and dozens of pictures to find that particular lid. If you have a newer model toilet, take the lid to your local plumbing supply house and see if they can order a new one for you.  You can also go to the hardware store and purchase some good porcelain glue and follow the directions and glue it together if it is one simple break.  If you have exhausted those possibilities for your broken toilet tank lid,  you can call; cracked tank lid De Hart Plumbing – 785-341-4193 to come install a brand new toilet!

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