Hangover Remedy

Anyone need a hangover remedy today?  *Have a banana, while you were drunk and peeing, you drained potassium from your body  *Drink ginger ale-it will settle your stomach  *Brew some honey, lemon and hot water-it is easy to swallow and replenishes fluids and sugar lost to a hangover  *Once you feel that you can eat something, start with plain dry toast  *Sport drinks are a good way to replace fluids and electrolytes lost to over use of alcohol  *Use an ice compress on that aching head,wrap it in a soft towel and apply to where it hurts  *Drinking plenty of water is the best cure for a hangover  *Over use of alcohol causes dehydration of your body and dehydration is what causes most of the discomfort associated with a hangover.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.De Hart Plumbing 1

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