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Toilet Tank

Your toilet tank has many moving parts.  Moving parts will wear out or break – it’s a given.  First there is the tank itself, it is the biggest part of the toilet.  The toilet tank holds 2 gallons of water at all times and is the “brain” of the toilet. The float ball is designed to turn off the water from entering into the tank, if your toilet is running, chances are the float ball is needing adjusted.  The ball cock prevents overflow and back flow of water into the toilet tank. Once someone presses the toilet handle, it picks up the chain, which lifts the ball cock.  All of the water in the tank then falls down into the flush tube which pushes the sewage down the main sewage pipe.  The fill valve is connected to the water hose that brings water back into the toilet tank.  The siphon – every toilet has a siphon.  The siphon creates a force with the water by being pushed upwards then downwards.  The lift chain connects to the flush valve and ball cock, it pulls the ball cock up which pushes the water down the siphon.  If the lift chain is broken the toilet will not flush.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and some outlying areas.  De Hart Plumbing and Heating and Cooling - Manhattan, KS 66502

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