The 3 P’s

paperYou probably never thought you’d live in a world where toilet paper was in short supply, yet, here we are! This might bring people to get a little creative when they go to 3 different stores for TP and still come out empty handed. Creativity isn’t bad, especially in a pinch, but what’s important is that you’re not flushing anything EXCEPT for the 3 P’s… Paper, Pee, and Poo!

Flushable wipes aren’t meant to be flushed. They don’t disintegrate easily like toilet paper does and will get caught in your residential sewer lines causing backups and can also cause major clogs and damage in the city sewer lines and treatment plants. The same goes for paper towels, napkins, dryer sheets, coffee filters, and whatever else you find to get the job done. Toilet wand heads, q-tips, dental floss, and feminine products are also on the ‘Do Not Flush’ list!

Save yourself some time and money and be sure not to flush anything down your toilets except the 3 P’s. If you find yourself in a predicament that you are having plumbing issues, our technicians will gladly get your problems resolved. Give us a call at 785-341-4193 and let us take care of you!!

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