Condenser Coils

Your condenser coils need cleaning and maintenance.  Condenser coils are situated in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner.  Regular maintenance is the tried and true way to maximize the life of your air conditioner.  Cooling systems that are expected to work during the hottest time of year can lose their ability to keep you cool without regular maintenance or servicing.  When the condenser coil is dirty, you can have problems that will affect the cooling performance and possibly damage other parts of your system.

As refrigerant removes heat from your home, it turns into gas.  It then goes to the condenser coils, is cooled and changes back into liquid.  It is recirculated back into your home to cool the air.  During this process of cooling the refrigerant, dirt, debris and cottonwood seed from the air builds up on the coils.  The dirtier the build-up, the harder it is for your system to cool your home.  This can cause your system to stop producing cool air, even though it is still running.

Condenser coils and your complete cooling system should be cleaned and serviced every year before the warm/hot weather season begins.  You can keep your outside unit clear of leaves, foliage, and debris and you should set up an appointment with your HVAC technician to clean and service your indoor and outdoor system for the season.  Call today, 785-341-4193 to make an appointment, there is still a couple months left in the season for air conditioning here in Kansas.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Topeka Kansas and some surrounding areas. Condenser Coils


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