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Sewer Cleaning

De Hart Plumbing Heating & Cooling utilizes the industry’s best sewer cleaning equipment to tackle all of your sewer cleaning needs. We are one of the only companies in Manhattan, Junction City and Topeka, who back their drain cleanings with partial warranties. Combined with highly trained and skilled technicians, you have yourself “Service from De Hart”! We take our time and ensure every sewer we clean is flowing as it should and your house is cleaner after we leave. Call TODAY or schedule a service online.
Pro Tip: When using your garbage disposal make sure to run COLD water before, during and after every use. This helps harden any grease and allow it to flow down the drain as it should and keep the plumber away! It’s a common misconception that running hot water helps melt the grease causing it to flow down the drain. Truth is the hot water does soften the grease, however it causes the grease to slowly coat the inside of the drains with layers of grease until it finally clogs.
Pro Tip: Stay away from flushable wipes. They do not break down like toilet paper does and as a result, build up along the walls of your sewer causing your sewer main to clog. Clogged sewers can be costly to repair and consequently cause water damage in your home when they go unnoticed.
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