Keep Your Home Cool

Keep Your Home CoolThe transition from spring to summer is near, so it is time to think about some ways to keep your home cool.  At the onset of summer heat, don’t let your home get too hot before you turn on the air conditioner.  Air conditioners are designed for about a 20* change in temperature, so if it is 100* outside, the air inside will be cooled to about 80*.  One of the most simple air conditioner tips is to change your air conditioner filter (furnace filter)  regularly.  If the air filter is dirty it can cause your HVAC system to be overworked causing a failure in the cooling.  If you have ceiling fans, clean them and check that they are turning in the correct direction. There will be a switch on the base that you can adjust, it should be set on forward to rotate counter-clockwise.  You will receive a nice downward breeze that circulates the air.  Keep the heat out of your home by closing blinds, shades, and drapes. Did you know that your air conditioning unit will perform 10% more efficiently if there is some type of shade protecting it?  But you don’t want to plant trees and shrubs too close as it needs proper air flow around it and you should leave enough space for it to be serviced and cleaned.  When the heat shows up, keep your home cool by following these simple tips.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.


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