Preventive Maintenance

preventive maintenance 2Plumbing and HVAC preventive maintenance can prevent future problems and save you money.  Regular inspections around your home are important.  Check for leaking pipes,toilets and faucets and fix them ASAP. Often they can be repaired and not replaced if you take care of it as soon as signs of disrepair occur.  If you notice water backing up in drains or bubbling up in toilets, don’t think the problem will go away-it wont.  Call a plumber.  To maintain your water heater have it serviced, at least annually.  We recommend twice a year.  Don’t wait for hot weather to arrive before you use your air conditioner only to discover it is not working properly.  Have it serviced in early spring.  Same thing goes with your furnace.  Have it serviced in September.  One very important thing you need to do is change your furnace filter monthly.  Most people don’t realize that the “furnace filter” also filters the air when you run the air conditioner.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.

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