The Importance of Your Air Ducts

air ductsAn important part of your HVAC system is that V. The V is for ventilation which is the return and supply ductwork within your walls and also your air registers. There’s always a lot of talk about annual servicing of your cooling and heating system, but not much talk about the importance of the ductwork and making sure it’s clean and undamaged.

Think of the ductwork as the veins and arteries in your body. If there’s issues with those vessels, that’s a big problem, right? It’s the same with your HVAC system. Damaged ductwork, whether there’s a separated joist, gaps, or blockages will allow for air loss, poor air flow, and your heating and cooling system will have to work overtime to get your desired temperature within your home.

Ductwork that has built up dust, debris, dander, pet hair, dead skin cells, and mold not only gets put into the air you breathe when your HVAC system runs, it can cause your allergies to flare up. This buildup also won’t allow air to efficiently circulate through the vents and into your rooms so you may experience decreased air flow and your heating and cooling system to not work as efficiently as it should.

You shouldn’t overlook the important ventilation part of your HVAC system! If it’s been a while since you’ve had your ducts cleaned (or have never had them cleaned!) or you feel like you have low air flow, let our HVAC technicians come and assess your venting situation and make sure ALL of your HVAC system is working as efficiently as possible for you!

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