back painDid you know that 80% of adults will experience some kind of back pain in their lifetime? Some ways to prevent recurring back pain are to don’t lift heavy objects incorrectly and avoid movements that can strain or jolt your back.  Ergonomically designed equipment and furniture can help if you suffer from back pain.
Here are some tips to help maintain a healthy back:  *Exercise – regular exercise will reduce pain and stiffness  *Wear Proper Shoes – back pain can be minimized by wearing shoes that fit properly and have a low heal  *Good Posture – bad posture puts a strain on the spine. Knowing the right way to sit, stand, walk and lift heavy objects can be beneficial  *Maintain a healthy weight – extra pounds put stress on your back, losing weight relieves the stress  *Your diet – Eat a healthy diet that has enough calcium and vitamin D that can help maintain strong bones.
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