Clean Water

Does your household have clean water?  Water quality used to be a non-issue.  Well water was once thought to be pristine, but with groundwater being polluted with contaminants, many people think twice these days about the water coming into their home.  Then there are pharmaceuticals in city water supplies, biological contamination, and the aging water distribution infrastructure, it makes us wonder if the water we drink is safe for consumption.

Many households purchase bottled water, but that can be expensive and creates more waste for the environment.  A great alternative to cleaner, clearer water can be adding a water filtration system to your home or kitchen. Many of these systems can reduce many common contaminants in your drinking water.  No more buying, no more carrying and no more storing water.  A drinking water system can be installed under your kitchen sink and you will have clean water at your fingertips with a dedicated faucet specifically for the drinking water only.  Filtered water can be used for drinking, cooking, hot and cold beverages, washing food and washing dishes.

Another alternative to cleaner, clearer water for your home is a whole house filtration system.  If you have well water, a whole house filtration system might be what you need.  Well water contains natural particulates that can cause damage to dishwashers and wash machines.  These particulates can clog faucet screens causing restricted water flow.  A quality filtration system can prevent particulates and particles from damaging your appliances.  Many city water supplies use chlorine to disinfect public water.  Chlorine in water can affect its taste and smell.  Chlorinated water can sometimes cause rashes, dryness and dull hair.  This can be another reason to have a water filtration system installed in your home.

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