Plumbing Emergency

plumbing emergencyWhat constitutes a real plumbing emergency?  Knowing the difference can save you money.  There is quite a cost difference from a regular day time hours call, verses a night and weekend call.  Gas leaks are scary and dangerous- that’s a 24/7 emergency call.  Water leaks can be tricky.  If your bathroom sink is leaking, turn the water off and call the plumber in the morning.  Now if you wake up in the night and you have water every where, that is an emergency call.  If it’s winter, you live in a cold zone, and  your heater stops working that is an emergency call.  Faucets and valves leaking?  Most of the time you can turn off the water supply and call the plumber in the morning.  103 degrees out and the AC stops working? That’s an emergency.  Drain issues?  It depends.  If its a clogged kitchen drain, you can wait till morning.  Now if you are getting ready for bed and you flush the toilet and water and sewage start coming up through your drains-that’s an emergency.  One thing that is not is an emergency is that you have put up with a dripping faucet for months and you decide to call the plumber on a Saturday afternoon.  Then you are rude and indignant because you don’t want to pay the night & weekend service fee just for a dripping faucet and say you are going to call someone else.  Good luck with that!!  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas

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