Tree Root Pipe Damage

Tree roots can cause extensive damage to your sewer pipes.  Mature trees add beauty and shade to landscapes but when their roots wiggle their way into your sewer line, it is an expensive problem.  Tree roots grow in sewer pipes because they contain water, nutrients, and oxygen.  Once you have a crack in the pipe or a loose joint, roots will get inside and continue to grow.  The roots can continue to grow and fill the pipe with a hair-like mass that will eventually trap household grease, toilet paper, feminine products and other debris that go down your drains or toilet.  As the roots continue to grow, they will expand.  Severe root intrusion will eventually require sewer replacement.  One of the first signs of slow sewer drainage is you will hear a gurgling noise from your toilet bowl and your sinks, shower, and the tub will start draining slow. If you have a home with a basement floor drain, it will also back up.  As a preventive measure, you can schedule regular cleaning of your sewer lateral by a professional plumber.  You may also wish to have a plumber perform a video inspection of your sewer to determine its condition in case any repairs or replacement is required.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan, Junction City, Wamego and Topeka Kansas. Tree Root



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