Here are some tips of what not to put in your garage.  *Canned Food -The aluminum can or may seem safe but the contents can spoil if the temperature in your garage gets above 100 degrees.  The USDA recommends storing canned food at 85 degrees or less  *A Spare Refrigerator – Refrigerators work best at 70 degrees.  A higher or lower temperature makes the refrigerator have to work harder, using more energy. You can consider purchasing a larger refrigerator for inside your home or place one in your basement if your home has a basement where temperatures tend to be cooler.  *Cans of Paint – If the paint is kept in an unheated garage, freezing and thawing can ruin it.  Spray paint and other aerosol cans can explode in extreme heat.  *Wine – Fluctuations in temperature allow air into the bottle, which can ruin the flavor.  The ideal temperature will vary by type but it is best to store wine at 52*- 57* F.  *BBQ Gas – If propane leaks into an enclosed, unventilated area, starting your car or lighting a cigarette could ignite a fire. Always store propane tanks outdoors and make sure the valve is tightly closed.  *Seasonal Clothing – clothing stored in the garage can collect car fumes and dust, insects and vermin can also invade the items.  It is best to store your off-season clothing indoors in plastic containers with lids.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas, Your GarageTopeka Kansas and some surrounding areas.

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