Bad germs are a permanent part of our world.  Is it safer to eat food that has fallen on the floor or in your kitchen sink?  Your kitchen sink is one of the germiest places in your home, it has 18,000 bacteria per square inch vs the floor having 830 bacteria per square inch. Should you share bar soap?  Usually bar soap doesn’t dry between uses, allowing bacteria, yeast and fungi to accumulate, so you should consider not sharing your bar of soap.  Which is worse, a fly or cockroach near your food?  Houseflies are twice as filthy as cockroaches. Flies carry more diseases and spread them by flying from surface to surface.  Flies reproduce in fecal matter, garbage and animal carcasses.  Which has more germs, a re-used bath towel or re-used kitchen towel?  Even though thick bath towels can trap bacteria, your kitchen towel can be more dangerous because it can trap bacteria from raw meats and spread every time you use it.  Your kitchen towel should be washed after each use.  Should you use extra detergent in your laundry?  Too many suds can trap dirt in the fabric or leave a residue.  For the average wash load, you can get away with using half the recommended amount of detergent.  De Hart Plumbing, Heating and Cooling serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas and some surrounding areas.  Bad Germs

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