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Low Water Pressure

Have low water pressure?  There can be multiple reasons for low water pressure.  Debris and mineral buildup such as sand and dirt can enter your homes pipes when a water main fractures.  Even without a fractured line, your pipes can be susceptible to mineral buildup from deposits water leaves behind as it travels through your pipes.  Although steel and galvanized pipes are intended to last up to 20 years, these pipes tend to corrode and can eventually block water flow.  Replacing the pipes completely is the best solution.  If there is a leak in your homes plumbing system, it can reduce the water pressure.  To determine if you have a leak, shut off all water taps in your home and record your water meter.  Check the meter in a couple hours to see if the reading has changed.  If your water usage has increased from your first reading, there is a leak.  Sometimes low water pressure may be caused by a malfunction in your area municipal water supply.  You can call your local water department to determine if the municipal system is the problem and if it is, they will get it corrected.  If you determine that your low water pressure problem is within your own system, call a professional such as De Hart Plumbing.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.De Hart Plumbing 2

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