Plumbing Customer Beware

Beware of Fly -by- Night plumbing contractors.  De Hart Plumbing has encountered some new customers recently that had been scalped of start up costs from fly-by-night contractors. Fortunately De Hart Plumbing came to their rescue and got the job done.  You ask what is a fly- by- night contractor?  It is someone who takes your money up front and never returns to get the work done.  Their phone doesn’t work and you cant get hold of them ever again.  Be sure to get on line and check out these people.  If they are a legitimate company you will be able to find out information on line, in the phone book etc.  Contact the Better Business Bureau, they will be able to tell you if there are complaints about companies.  Never give your money to contractors until you have checked them out and made sure they are honest and legitimate. warning sign

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