Be Prepared for Winter Frozen Pipes!

Winter Frozen PipesQuick drops in temperature, poor insulation, and low thermostat settings can cause your pipes to freeze. Freezing begins at 32 degrees, but you should start to worry about your pipes at 20 degrees for a few consecutive hours. In extreme temperatures to prevent your pipes from freezing, open all cabinets under sinks and turn all faucets to a light stream.

When water freezes in a pipe it expands and can exert pressure at over 2,000 pounds per square inch.When that happens there is nowhere for the water to expand, causing the pipes to burst. If you notice your pipes have frozen, open all cabinets under sinks, turn all faucets to a light stream, remove the aerators off faucets, and turn your heater up a degree or two.

De Hart Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is providing a service to quickly dethaw pipes under homes this year. If you are in need of service please contact our office at 785-341-4193!

Happy Holidays!

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