meat rubsBBQ rubs can enhance the flavor of your BBQ meats.  Here a few recipes:  For beef- Chicago Steakhouse Rub *1-Tablespoon granulated garlic *2-Tablespoons kosher salt *1-Tablespoon course ground black pepper .  For salmon- Chesapeake Bay Rub – *2-Tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning *1-Tablespoon brown sugar.  For pork- Lemon-Lime Rub –*2-teaspoons chili powder *1-teaspoons granulated garlic *1-teaspoon onion powder * 1-teaspoon dried oregano *1-teaspoon cumin powder *1-teaspoon unsweetened lemon-lime powdered drink mix.  For chicken – Sweet/Smoky BBQ Rub – * 1-Tablespoon brown sugar *1-Tablespoon black pepper *1-Tablespoon kosher salt *1-Tablespoon smoked paprika *2-teaspoon granulated garlic *2-teaspoons onion powder *1-teaspoon ground cumin. For each rub; combine ingredients in a bowl, mix well.  When ready to use, brush all side of meat with oil and liberally coat with BBQ rub and grill.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.


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