Donating Food

Donating food to help others is a good thing.  Those of us who donate food usually clean out our cabinets and get rid of what we don’t want or won’t use. If you were on the receiving end, are those the foods you would want? What if you were homeless or you did have a home, but no water, electricity or gas service?  Here are some pointers about making useful food donations: *Do give no-cook foods such as granola bars, cookies, tuna in the pouch, Spam, peanut butter, bread, and crackers, think of it as anything you would take on a hike.  *Think simple- instant coffee, add water only mixes.  *Make it easy- easy to open-zip pouches, pull top cans and containers  *Ask what’s needed- your food bank may not always need food items.  Non-food items like soap, shampoo, feminine products, diapers, pet food and toilet paper are always needed.  Be nice – it’s not easy being poor so try to include a few items that would be a treat for a child, someone else’s kids will love you for it.  *Check your local grocery store – some stores work with local food banks and pre-assemble bags of food you can purchase for $5 or $10.  *Consider donating cash but it is always important to do what you can.  Giving food to hungry people is awesome.   De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Topeka Kansas and some surrounding areas.  Donating Food

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