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Healthy Eating

heart healthyHere are seven steps to healthy eating. 1- Vegetables are the centerpiece. Eat a small piece of meat and surround it with a generous amount of veggies, cooked or raw. 2-Whole foods= whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. 3-How you shop is important, don’t go shopping for groceries when you are hungry and avoid the sweet/salty snack aisle. 4- Portion size. Ever wonder why other countries don’t have the obesity of the US? Their portions are much smaller than ours. Don’t super-size. 5- The right fats can be your friend, consume fatty fish and plant based oils from nuts and especially olives. Use butter and animal fats sparingly. 6- Focus on meals not grazing. One way to curb mindless munching is to not let yourself get too hungry. You might need to eat a little more at meal time so you wont have the urge to snack between meals. 7-Have a glass of wine daily. Not the whole bottle, just one glass. Both red and white wine will do. Implement healthy eating into your life one step at a time and see how much better you will feel.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.

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