Meal Planning

Here are some hassle-free meal planning tips.  *Make grocery shopping a weekend task, with menu/meal planning done days in advance  *Be realistic about what kind of cooking you will be wanting to do on busy weekdays  *Choose weeknight recipes that don’t require too much time in the kitchen  *Choose recipes that share common ingredients  *Never grocery shop when you are hungry, stressed or rushed  *Aim for easy prep recipes with healthy ingredients  *Pre-cut vegetables or a rotisserie chicken can make meal prep easy  *Put your slow cooker to good use  *While cooking, offer some fresh cut veggies for family to snack on  *Serve left overs one night a week. Did you know there are benefits to eating together as a family?  Children who eat regular family meals tend to develop positive social behaviors.  Eating together lets you know what your children are consuming and it is a great time to form healthy eating habits.  Eating and talking together forms the groundwork for good communication skills for children.  Let children help with food preparation, this shows them how to appreciate the process and learn cooking skills.  Parents who consistently spend time with their children can spot changes in their behaviors that may be an indication of issues that may need to be discussed.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Topeka Kansas and some surrounding areas.  Meal Planning

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