Substitute Kitchen Gadgets

Try using these substitute kitchen gadgets.  *A WHISK: use 2 forks.  Place 2 forks so their tines intertwine. Tape the handles together and whisk away.  This will take a bit longer then if you actually used a whisk, but the outcome will be the same.  *A JAR OPENER: use a thick rubber band.  Wrap the edge of a lid with the rubber band to get a better grip and open the jar.  A ROLLING PIN: Use a liquor or wine bottle.  Cover the bottle with plastic wrap and sprinkle it with flour to prevent sticking.  If you chill the bottle it will help in rolling out pie crust.  *A STEAMER BASKET: Use tin foil and a dishwasher safe plate.  Crumple foil into 3 large balls. Arrange them in a triangle pattern in a large pot.  Set a dishwasher safe plate on top of foil balls.  Add water to the pot, under the plate.  Place food to be steamed on the plate. Put the lid on and bring water to a simmer and steam the food.  *A SIFTER: Over a bowl, hold a metal strainer with one hand.  Use the other hand to put the ingredients in the strainer and gently tap the sides to sift the ingredients into the bowl.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas and some surrounding areas.  

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