Drain Cleaning Maintenance

Drain CleaningDuring this time of year, we tend to cook and entertain more which means more grease and food particles going down your kitchen sink. In these winter months, pipes are colder and grease tends to harden faster and can quickly clog your pipes. There may also be a few extra guests around so drains will be working overtime. A blocked drain line can cause sewage back-ups in tubs, toilets, sinks and washing machine drains, making drain cleaning essential to a functional system.

Chemical-filled products are very popular but very ineffective if the blockage is too big because the chemicals can corrode your pipes further worsening your situation. If you feel like your home’s drains are draining slower, there’s unpleasant odors, gurgling noises or obvious water coming up in your home’s drains you may need to call a professional.

Seeking a professional drain cleaning service to clear your drain lines and main sewer line will be the most effective way to treat any drainage issues you may have. Being proactive about drain and sewer blockages is the best way to keep drainage issues at bay. So before you have any slow-draining pipes, are currently experiencing slow drains, or are backed-up completely, call De Hart Plumbing, Heating and Cooling at 785-341-4193 to schedule a traditional drain cleaning service or have a high-powered hydrojetting service performed.

De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas, Topeka Kansas, and some surrounding areas.

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