Ductless Systems

A ductless mini-split system may be right up your alley if you’re looking for zoned heating and cooling without being too invasive in your home or business. Mini-split systems are especially beneficial in older homes that don’t currently have ductwork, in new additions to homes, or for garages. With zoned temperature control, different rooms can be set to different temperatures or even be turned off which will save you on energy costs.

A mini-split system consists of an indoor air handler and an outdoor heat pump unit that usually requires only a 3” diameter hole through a wall for the conduit. The indoor head units can be installed on almost any wall in your home without being intrusive. Not having any ductwork with a mini-split system, you won’t experience the energy loss through traditional HVAC systems which can be up to a 30% loss. Many mini-split models can have as many as four indoor air handling units to accommodate for different rooms or temperature zones connected to just one outdoor unit.

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