Flu Shot Excuses

Here are some flu shot excuses.  *”You can skip it because you got one last year.”  NOT TRUE!  New flu viruses appear each year so the shot is required each year.  *”You already had the flu this year so you don’t need the shot.”  What if it was some other virus and not the flu? Many other viruses can feel like the flu.  Getting one flu strain-doesn’t protect you from others.  *”The flu shot will give you the flu.”  FALSE!   Flu vaccines are made with inactivated viruses.  Some people can have a fever and aches as the body’s immune response, but it is not actual flu.  *”It’s too late in the year to worry about it.”  Flu season starts as early as October and can go all the way into May.  *”You are too old to get the vaccine.” The flu shot is very important for people over 65 years and older because older people are at a higher risk of complications from flu.  *”You shouldn’t work out on the day you get the flu shot.” Actually, exercising before and after the shot can help your body churn out more flu-fighting antibodies.  *”The flu shot is painful.” The pinprick of a shot is much less painful than the flu.  Tensing the muscle when getting the shot can make it hurt more.  Relax your arm and breath and the shot won’t be painful.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego  Kansas and Topeka Kansas and some surrounding areas.  Flu Shot Excuses

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