Here are some Sleep FAQs to think about…Bedtime reading is a good way to get relaxed before you fall asleep.  A recent study assigned participants to read on an iPad or e-book for five nights.  Then they switched and read a regular printed book for five nights. When people read the e-book and iPad, they took longer to fall asleep and spent less time in REM sleep than with traditional books. Some researchers say using devices that emit blue light, including cell phones and laptops before sleep time may have a negative effect on how well you sleep so keep this in mind if you want a restful sleep.  On another note, The National Sleep Foundation recommends getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night.  A recent study done in the United Kingdom found that many successful people get less sleep. President Barack Obama gets six hours a night and records show that Thomas Edison slept for four to five hours each night. And let’s not forget investor and presidential candidate Donald Trump who reports getting three to four hours of sleep per night.  De Hart Plumbing Heating And Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas and some outlying areas.  Sleep FAQs

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