Furnace not working?

Furnace not workingWe rely on our furnaces to keep us comfortable, but most of us are not as furnace-savvy as we could be. Here’s a few things you can easily check before you call your local heating specialist.

Check and replace your air filter as needed. A dirty air filter restricting air flow can definitely cause your furnace to malfunction and is the most common cause of furnace problems.

Check your thermostat. Is it on?  Is it set to heat? Have you checked the batteries? Did you check the temperature setting?

Do you have fuel to your gas furnace? Whether it is a natural gas or propane furnace, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to double check!

Do you have a pilot light? If not, are you able to relight your pilot light on your gas furnace? Instructions are usually posted on the furnace.

Are your vents open? If you’re finding cold spots or cold rooms in your home, have you checked to be sure your registers are open?

Is your return air or exhaust vents blocked or restricted? If so, clear the blockages to get proper air flow through your system.

Is the furnace door closed properly? Most furnaces have a safety shutoff switch that turns your furnace off when the front door is opened.

If you’ve made it thought this checklist and nothing seemed to work, give us a call at 785-341-4193 to have one of our technicians get your furnace functioning like it should again.

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