Gas or Electric Furnace?

If it’s about that time that you are looking to replace your furnace, should you stick with your current gas or electric furnace or swap for the other option? Both options are forced air heating systems which means that they both heat air directly and then distribute that air through the ductwork of your central air system that you already have installed in your home. Where they differ lies mainly in the initial cost and the cost of operation.

Electric furnaces are generally less expensive than gas furnaces to purchase and install. They are also very efficient using electricity to produce heat to heat your home. They are safer to operate in your home because they do not produce carbon monoxide. Electric furnaces, though less costly to purchase and install initially, will end up costing you more in the long run due to electricity prices being higher than natural gas prices.

A gas furnace will heat up to a higher temperature than an electric furnace will, so it is a better option in areas where freezing temperatures are regularly met during cold months. Gas furnaces will also heat your home faster because as soon as it ignites, it begins to produce heat, rather than an electric furnace which will take a bit longer to become hot enough to heat effectively. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a possibility with gas furnaces so it’s best to have them serviced annually by an HVAC technician and to regularly check your carbon monoxide detectors.

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