Freon Coolant

Freon CoolantHave you turned on your home air conditioner and it is blowing warm air, it may need coolant commonly known as Freon coolant.  There can be a variety of causes, but if you need coolant added there are two different types and two different prices when adding it to your AC unit.  R-22 also known as Freon has been used for decades as the refrigerant in home AC systems.  However, it has been linked to Ozone depletion and has been banned from being manufactured after 2010.  The price will increase as the current supply decreases.  R-410A, known as Puron is the industry’s choice to replace R-22.  It is less reactive with the environment while having the same cooling characters as R-22. R-410A will replace R-22 in the year 2020.  R-410A is not interchangeable with R-22.  Also, systems with R-410A are proven more dependable, efficient and run quieter.  De Hart Plumbing. serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas.



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