Products De Hart Offers & Why you need them/what it is- Humidifier

humidifierDe Hart Plumbing Heating & Cooling strongly recommends installing a whole home humidifier. This is a product we offer and can typically have one  installed within a few hours. The humidifier is attached to the ductwork in your home and would allow adjustment on the humidity levels. Humidifiers are used in the cold months to assist in heat travel  and helps to prevent dry skin, static electricity, bloody noses, warped wood work, allergy symptoms, and more!
Already have a humidifier in your home? Don’t forget to get it serviced!  We recommend doing this once a  year. Our humidifier servicing includes changing the water panel, service & inspecting the water supply, clean mineral build up, test solenoid, clean & service drain box, clear & clean discharge line, and test the humidifier with the furnace. Water panels will over time begin to collect mold and calcium, which can in turn harm your health. Get a discount from this service by signing up for our VIP membership!

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