HVAC Systems and Your Pets

Bringing home a four-legged friend comes with a lot or responsibility, one of which is making sure your HVAC system gets the extra maintenance it needs. Our pets have a lot more fur they will leave everywhere, dander, and whatever else they may track into your home. Keeping your HVAC system in check will help prevent issues that may cost you hundreds of dollars later.

-Install a fence or barrier around your outdoor AC unit to help prevent corrosion from pet urine and also to protect any wires or hoses that may become a chew toy.

-Check and change air filters more often to ensure air flow is flowing into your system without being restricted by a dirty air filter.

-Clean the air ducts. No matter how often you change your air filter, pet hair and dander will still end up in your ducts. Clogged and debris ridden ducts are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

-Clean your vents (especially floor vents) with your vacuum and brush. Making sure your vents are clear will help maintain good air flow and promote cleaner air flowing through your home. Make sure your pet hasn’t inadvertently closed one of your registers which will restrict air flow.

-Get annual maintenance done on your HVAC system to ensure debris isn’t collecting on your blower wheel that would shorten the life of that component.

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