Let’s Talk Humidifiers

humidifiersThere’s many benefits to whole-house humidifiers that you may not know about. But you may wonder why you would ever need a humidifier in your home to start with.

Do you suffer from…

Dry nasal passages and nose bleeds?

Dry skin or chapped lips?

Dry throat or cough?

Respiratory issues?

Increased snoring?

This all can be alleviated by adding humidity to your home! Unlike single-room humidifiers, your entire home will benefit from the added humidity. The water panel in a whole-home humidifier only needs to be changed once per season whereas a room humidifier must be deep cleaned regularly to prevent harmful bacteria and mold from growing.

Adding humidity to your air during heating season will also make it feel warmer in your home so you can turn your thermostat a couple degrees lower than you would normally have it set at. What does that mean for you though? SAVING MONEY on energy bills!

All wood furnishings in your home will love the added humidity, whether it’s your kitchen cabinets, dining table, shelving, and even your wood floor to name a few things. The wood items in your home can shrink and crack over time if it’s too dry so a humidifier will help keep your furnishings looking as good as the day you got them!

Dry air during heating season is due to your furnace stripping the air of moisture. Humidifiers add moisture to the air which can help keep you healthy and help protect furnishings in your home.

If you have any questions about humidifiers or would like to talk to someone about the options we can install in your home, call us at 785-341-4193 and let us take care of the dry air problem in your home!

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