HVAC VIP Membership

HVAC VIP MembershipManufacturers recommend servicing your HVAC  equipment once annually. De Hart Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers a VIP Membership which includes the servicing of your system TWICE a year. Once with a focus on the AC, and once with the focus on the Heat. Our VIP coordinator reaches out to schedule these two services within your renewal year.

VIP Maintenance services include the following:

  • Clean furnace cabinet
  • Remove & clean all inducer exhaust tubing
  • Clean all furnace condensate lines
  • Remove & clean flame sensor
  • Clean burner compartment
  • Test gas valve for proper gas pressure. Adjust for max efficiency & performance
  • Secure all wires & test wire connections
  • Test return & supply air temperatures in the home to determine overall furnace performance
  • Inspect exhaust piping to ensure safe operations
  • Test carbon monoxide levels in home
  • Inspect blower motor & wheel for bearing condition & dirt buildup
  • Clean all electrical components so they are free of dust/ debris
  • Test electrical components for proper operation
  • Perform combustion analyzation of furnace exhaust.
  • Change HVAC system filter
  • Send detailed report


  • Inspect evaporator coil for leaks, buildup, & corrosion
  • Inspect, tear down & clean outdoor condenser coil with foaming cleaner
  • Secure all wires & test wire connections
  • Test refrigerant levels & insure they are within manufacturer guidelines
  • Test compressor run & start amps
  • Test contactor & capacitor
  • Seal exterior penetrations & insulate suction line
  • Clear condensation line
  • Test return & supply air temperatures in the home, checking AC overall performance
  • Change HVAC system filter
  • Send detailed report

Combustion Analysis is a new benefit of our membership. It is an in-depth inspection of a furnace’s heat exchanger. The process of heating air invoices the unavoidable production of hazardous gasses, and combustion analysis is a method of determining the fuel-to-air ratio in the heat exchanger. For this process, we drill a small hole within the flu and insert the combustion analyzer probe to measure carbon monoxide and combustion efficiency before plugging the hole.

Our membership also includes 10% any HVAC or Plumbing related service throughout the year, as well as voiding our additional after hours service fee. Call our office to sign up today!

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