Parts of a Furnace; Flame Sensor

Flame SensorA flame rod, also known as a flame sensor, is a safety device that checks to see if a gas furnace is releasing flames and burning gas. Flame sensors are powered by the rectification/ionization process that is utilized to complete a circuit. The current that powers the flame sensor generates a positive charge that attracts the flame’s negative ions.

Rust and corrosion, silt buildup, improper electrical wiring, fractures, and breaking can all cause a flame sensor to fail. A flame sensor has a 5-year average lifespan. You’ll probably need to replace the flame sensor one to three times during the life of your furnace.

The heater not turning on, short cycling, intermittent clicking sounds, a crack formed on the porcelain exterior of the flame sensor, or a dirty flame sensor are all indications that the flame sensor has failed. When the flame sensor fails unburned gas will escape and can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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