Your Hands

Your hands can reveal things about your health.  Studies have shown that in women if your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you are twice as likely to have osteoarthritis in the knees.  Trembling hands can be the result of too much caffeine or the side effect of certain medications.  However, a tremor in one hand can be the first symptom of Parkinson’s disease.  Researchers studied 100 patients with kidney disease and found that 36 percent had the bottom of the fingernail white, while the top half was brown.  See a doctor immediately if you notice this condition with your fingernails.  A weak hand grip can be a sign of heart attack or stroke.  Researchers say grip strength is a marker of overall muscle strength and fitness.  Exercise is recommended to help reduce heart disease.  Sweaty palms or hands can be a symptom of menopause or thyroid disease.  British researchers studied fingerprints and discovered that people with a whorl(spiral) pattern may be more likely to have high blood pressure than people with arches and loops.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas and some outlying areas.Your Hands De Hart Plumbing, Heating & Cooling - Manhattan, KS 66502

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