The P-trap is the most common pipe located below or within a plumbing fixture.  It is the addition of a 90 degree fitting on the outlet side of a u-bend, creating a P-like shape.  It is referred to as a sink trap because it is installed under most house sinks.  Because of its shape, the trap retains a small amount of water after the fixture’s use.  The water in the trap creates a seal that prevents sewer gas from passing from the drain pipe back into the building.  Because it is a localized low point in the plumbing, sink traps tend to capture heavy objects such as jewelry dropped in the sink.  Traps also collect hair and other objects.  Most traps can be disassembled for cleaning or retrieving objects.  De Hart Plumbing, Heating And Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansasdehart-slide

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