Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

It is time to prepare your plumbing for winter.  November and leaves falling mean winter is on the way.  One of the worst and costly things that can happen to your home is pipes freezing or bursting.  Make sure your pipes are well insulated.  Check all faucets in your home and repair any leaky ones.  Make the rounds outside and roll up your garden hoses and store them in a shed or garage.  Put a cover on your hose bib (outside faucet).  We get many calls in the spring because you didn’t cover you hose bib and left the hose attached all winter.  Guess what happens?  It freezes and the pipe bursts.  Drain and service your water heater as you don’t want to get in the shower on a cold winter morning to only have cold water.  Home water heaters are the most neglected household appliance until it stops working.  Wrap up any exposed outdoor pipes that are located in a garage or under a mobile home.  Inspect and clean your sump pump pit.  When exposed to extreme cold, your sump pump can freeze, thus allowing water in your basement.  If you need any assistance preparing your plumbing for winter, call De Hart Plumbing at 785-341-4193.  We will be happy to help you.  De Hart Plumbing, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas and Wamego Kansas. dehart-plubming-logo

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