Drain Cleaners

Drain Cleaners

We’ve all experienced situations where a drain in our home doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. Purchasing a bottle of liquid drain cleaner from the store and letting it work its magic are typically our first thoughts. Don’t! Drain cleaner can cause more damage than you think!

Your pipes undergo a chemical reaction when you use drain cleaners. These chemicals are designed to dissolve buildup; but, if they are left to sit in blocked pipes, they may melt plastic pipes, deform metal pipes, or weaken or split them.

The toxic chemicals in drain cleaners aren’t good for humans or furry members of your family to breathe. These chemicals can irritate your eyes, nose, and throats and some are even dangerous to touch due its likelihood to burn the skin. If a plumber is needed after using drain cleaner they are exposed to the hazardous chemicals when they have to clear the clog with their tools. The tools can also be damaged from the cleaner.

There are numerous factors that can cause your drains to become blocked. Chemical cleaners can remove some obstructions, but if you have a more significant problem, they could endanger your pipes more.

Although liquid drain cleaners may appear to be an easy, fast, and cheap cure, they may end up costing you more in repairs.

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