What NOT to put Down Your Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

What NOT to put Down Your Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

There are many things NOT to put down your kitchen sink garbage disposal that the plumbers at De Hart Plumbing recommend for your home plumbing care and maintenance, below are a few:

-Pouring grease, oil, or fat into the garbage disposal will clog your drains when it solidifies.

-Always use cold water when grinding food waste as hot water may cause fats to congeal.

-Don’t grind fibrous material such as corn husks, celery, and vegetable skins as the fibers in them can tangle and jam the disposal causing blockages.

-Don’t put large amounts of food scraps in disposal. Feed them in small amounts with cold water running before, during, and after. Doing so will help the scraps flow freely through drains.

-Putting rice, coconut, and pasta down the garbage disposal will clog drains when it expands as the water hits it.

-Don’t grind bones or skins as doing so can cause the bones to fracture, splinter and fire back out or jam up the blades. Skins can easily slide through the blades and make their way down the drain causing blockages.

-Coffee grounds will build up and eventually cause clogged drains.


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