Staying Hydrated

Do you get suffer from headaches or migraines? Mood variances? Impaired concentration? Low energy? Decreased memory function? Internal plumbing issues? Bad hangovers? Here’s another question: Are you drinking enough water and staying hydrated?

All of these symptoms that someone could suffer from could be caused by dehydration. The more active you are and the more you sweat means you should be replenishing those fluids more frequently. The general rule is the 8×8 which just means 8 ounces of water 8 times a day. An easier way to understand how much that is, is a half of a gallon of water a day. How much water you need for your own body will vary based on your lifestyle, climate you live in, and overall health.

Keep in mind that all fluids you drink and the food you eat can also count towards your water intake. Food and drinks other than water attribute to about 1/5th of your daily water intake. Milk, juice, coffee, and even soda can be included in that 64 ounces daily but they can contain large amounts of caffeine or sugar. Foods, especially fruits and vegetables, also contain significant amounts of water.

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will help your body get rid of wastes, regulate body temperature, cushion and lubricate joints, and keep your tissues healthy. The amount of water we need every day will vary from person to person, but generally, if you rarely feel thirsty and your urine is clear or pale yellow, your body is adequately hydrated.

Stay hydrated through this summer heat! Take care of your body and we’ll take care of all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs!

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