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When should you have a sewer inspection done?

sewer inspectionA highly overlooked part of your home is the main sewer line. We all too often don’t give it a second thought until it’s causing problems which could cost you thousands of dollars in repair. Technology has increased greatly over the years, so now we can put a camera down your sewer line and show you exactly what the problem areas are and where they are located so you know if you need to replace the entire sewer line or just a section. 

1. You’ve had multiple backups over the years
     If you’re needing to have a plumber come and clean your sewer line yearly or even more, there’s more than likely underlying issues.
2. You know you have root intrusion.
     If you know you have roots growing into your sewer line, they will always come back. Roots love the natural fertilizer they find in your sewer line and will work their way back in every Spring.
3. You noticed a low spot in your yard that wasn’t there before.
     That may be signs of a collapsed line. If that’s coupled with main line backups, you should get a plumber there ASAP.
4. You have a new lush spot of grass in your yard.
     Just like tree roots, grass roots will also take in the extra fertilizer from a cracked sewer line. 
5. Drains throughout the home are draining slow.
     If all the drains in your home are draining slow, there may be something in your main sewer line obstructing the natural flow of waste.
6. You’re buying a home.
     Cracks, breaks, separations, bellies, root intrusion, and older clay pipes that are susceptible to collapsing should all be something you are aware of when purchasing a home. 
A sewer inspection will show you exactly what the problem areas are and we can accurately locate where those problems are in relation to your yard. Inspecting your lines will get you prepared for a potential high-cost repair or replacement you may have in the future. You should at least have peace of mind knowing the condition of this major part of your home’s plumbing system.
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