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Have you ever wondered how your toilet flush tank works? Beyond water coming and going through the tank to dispose of waste, there is actually

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Water Softening

Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium and certain other metals in hard water. Soft water is more compatible with soap ,shampoo and laundry

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Where Rain Water Goes

When rain water falls to the ground it is distributed to many places. It is soaked into the ground and flows through the city storm drainage system. 

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Plumber’s Snake

A plumber’s snake, sometimes known as a “Turd Chaser” is a flexible auger used to remove clogs in plumbing that cannot be loosened with a

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What Is A Pumpkin?

A pumpkin is a certain type of squash. Pumpkins like other squash are native to North America. They typically have a thick, orange or yellow

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What Is Hard Water?

Hard water contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Groundwater acquires these minerals by dissolving them from surrounding soil and rock. Water treatment

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