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Replace Your Toilet

Did you know you can save thousands of gallons of water per year if you replace your toilet? Old inefficient toilets can use 3-4 gallons per flush.

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Drain Cleaning

Taking care of a sewer backup Drain Cleaning Sunday morning!  When we say 24 Hour Emergency service we take it to “Hart” 😉

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The Daily Union

Take a look at our HUGE ad in the Saturday The Daily Union Junction City newspaper! Get pumped! Because we are!!!!

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What Not to Flush

There are a lot of items “Not to Flush” down your toilet. If your home has running water, you either have a septic tank or

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Manholes are fitted with steps on the inner side of the wall to allow easy descent to the utility space below. The openings are usually

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Thank You!

De Hart Plumbing would like to shout out a ginormous “Thank You” to all the wonderful customers that are helping to build our business.

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Water leaks

This is why you should fix plumbing Water leaks issues asap. This was a water leak that found its way through the floor and dripped

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