AC not blowing like it used to?

Does your HVAC system air pressure not seem to blow like it used to? Does the air flow seem weak? There are a few things you can easily check before you call your local HVAC technician.

  – Dirty air filter

A clogged, dirt filter will restrict the air flow going into your AC system. If there’s less air going into your system, you’ll get less air out. Check your air filters monthly, especially in high-use times to ensure your filters aren’t clogged.

 – Frozen evaporator coil

If your evaporator coil located in the unit inside your home gets too cold and the condensation freezes, the air that blows over the coils to cool your home will be decreased. This can happen if air flow is low over the coil due to a dirty filter, blocked vents, faulty blower or being low on refrigerant. If your coil has froze, turn off the unit to allow it to thaw, change the air filter, open and unblock all return and supply vents, and call an HVAC technician to check refrigerant levels.

  – Air duct problems

Check for any gaps, separations, and loosely connected duct work where air can escape. Check any flex ductwork that may have kinks or bends. Call your local AC specialist to have them address any issues you may have found.

  – Blower issues

The blower wheel is what pulls air into your HVAC system and pushes the air through your duct work and into your home. Consistently having a dirty air filter will allow for more dust and debris to collect on your blower motor and wheel. Check to see if you hear any squeaking while the blower is running which may mean you have a loose or worn fan belt and also have an HVAC technician examine, clean, and fix any issues there might be.

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