Dirty Air Filters

A dirty air filter can lead to heating and cooling problems.  Dust and debris in the home air filter will restrict air flow.  Restricted air flow puts a strain on the system and causes it to use more energy let alone the damage it can cause.  Just like changing the oil in your car and performing maintenance on it, your HVAC system needs proper maintenance.  A clean air filter protects your heating and cooling system from becoming damaged and possibly failing entirely.

A forced air system, which is the most common heating and cooling system used in the US uses a heat exchanger to heat or cool incoming air that is then blown through the ductwork in your home.  As the warm or cool air flows into the rooms, the unit’s fan pulls existing air out of the rooms via a separate set of “return” air ducts.  This cycle happens until the desired temperature is reached.

When your air filter is clogged, your air handler must work much harder to compensate for the blockage of air flow.  The reduced air flow can cause the heat exchanger to overheat and shut off too quickly, preventing your home from warming up.  If this happens, the “limit switch” safeguard can fail and the furnace wont fire up at all.  Here are some clogged air filter facts: The clogged filter increases energy use, can cause frozen evaporator coils, leads to inadequate heating & cooling, creates unhealthy air and can cause furnace failure.  During high HVAC system use you should check the condition of your filter monthly and change when it is clogged. De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas and some surrounding areas Champion Heating & Cooling Products

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