Home Humidifier

Does your need a home humidifier?  Home furnace humidifiers offer many benefits to home occupants.  There are health improvements from treating dry air throughout the home which includes improved lung health, improved allergy and asthma symptoms and there are lower instances of illness with the improved air quality the humidifier offers.

Proper humidification of the home during colder months can make the home feel warmer with lower temperatures thus allowing minor energy savings. The minor energy consumed by the humidifier leads to energy savings in energy consumed by the heating system that it takes when heating the home when the air is dry vs with a humidifier.

When humidity levels in the home are kept balanced by the furnace humidifier the damaging effects of dry air do not take place.  Wood cabinets, furniture, wood flooring and other fixtures are protected from cracks and drying out.  Static electricity in the home is greatly reduced when the air is moisturized by a home humidifier.  If you have any questions about a humidifier please feel free to call us at 785-341-4193.  De Hart Plumbing Heating and Cooling, serving Manhattan Kansas, Junction City Kansas, Wamego Kansas, Topeka Kansas and some surrounding areas.Home Humidifier


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