Is Your HVAC Filter Installed Correctly?

Is Your HVAC Filter Installed Correctly? If you haven’t already, check and replace the filter on your HVAC system in your home! You already know that a dirty filter will significantly affect the efficiency of your system and if you’re already on top of replacing your furnace filters, are you making sure they are facing the correct way?

Air will have a harder time flowing through a filter that is installed in the wrong direction which means your system will have to work harder to pull in more air. That means that you’re going to have higher energy bills than necessary. Now, even though both sides look very similar, filter manufacturers will make one side more porous than the other to effectively trap particles in the air while reducing air flow restriction.

To know which way your filter should be facing, you want to first look at your filter and find the arrows. When the filter is correctly installed, the arrows will point in the direction that the air flows in and through your HVAC system. The arrows generally will be pointing towards the blower rather than away from it.

If you’re having issues replacing your HVAC filter, not sure if you’re using the right filter, or don’t even know where your filter is located, call us at 785-341-4193 and let us have our technicians take care of all of HVAC needs no matter how big or how small!

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