Maximizing Airflow

Maximizing AirflowThe winter season is back after our brief taste of spring this last weekend. Furnaces will be running more consistently again so hopefully you’ve already had your furnace serviced this season. The next step to making sure your home stays nice and cozy is to make sure you’re getting the best airflow possible without obstruction throughout your home.

–Close storm windows and use thicker curtains to help block drafts from coming into the home.

–Make sure your ceiling fan is running clockwise to blow warm air back down as heat rises.

–Check your air filter and make sure it’s clean and free of debris to allow for better air flow through your furnace and ductwork.

–Allow for all doors in the home to be left open to let air move freely through the home and not be trapped in rooms.

–Inspect and clean the vents in your home as needed if you see dusty buildup which can contribute to lessened airflow.

If you have an older home, these tips won’t completely fix an airflow issue you may have. Ductwork throughout your home can build up dust and debris but also, seals in the ductwork between joints can begin to fail creating gaps that forced air can leak through. If you think you may be having airflow issues with your actual ductwork, call us at 785-341-4193 to schedule one of our technicians to come inspect your ventilation system.

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